Issue: 3222

Separating Automatic Page Nesting & Routes

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I haven’t been able to find this, and sorry if I missed it. I think this is easier to explain with an example. This may be an issue with vue-router…or an option perhaps that I could configure in the nuxt router config.

I have a route /news with a collection of news items. Each news item will have the route /news/title-of-news-item, however this news item is not a nested page within the news page, but rather a new page in itself.

I have a solution so in server-side rendering the correct page is loading from an API and nested correctly. When I change page I think the application is looking for a parent/child to load the page into which doesn’t exist.

Are there any examples of this by any chance?

This question is available on Nuxt.js community (#c6900)