Issue: 3210

Weird transition between page and layouts/error.vue

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Steps to reproduce

Click on the CDN tab (a page I have yet to add content for)

What is expected ?

The layouts/error.vue page should appear after the old page disappears

What is actually happening?

The layouts/error.vue page renders side by side with the previous page until the previous page transitions out

Additional comments?

It looks like its running the transition in mode in-out, or maybe because its bringing up a new layout it doesn’t respect the transition from a page.

It only occurs when going to a 404, not away from it.

If you click on documentation, or the logo you will find content (minimal content…). Anything under documentation (in the dropdown menu) and cdn leads to a 404.

I can upload my source code if I need to.

This bug report is available on Nuxt.js community (#c6875)