Issue: 3196

Can i check nuxt:build progress detail message on terminal window?

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Hi, I have been cording vue file on nuxt.js
when i completed my code and execute ‘npm run build’, building module progress is stopped.

my console is

  nuxt:build Building... +0ms
  nuxt:build App root: /Users/mhjeong/Documents/@02 개발/bds-msa/_msa-starter +0ms
  nuxt:build Generating /Users/mhjeong/Documents/@02 개발/bds-msa/_msa-starter/.nuxt files... +0ms
  nuxt:build Generating files... +38ms
  nuxt:build Generating routes... +7ms
  nuxt:build Building files... +24ms
  ████████████████████ 65% building modules

whenever this situation, I’m finding code that error, mispatch context (sass @import syntax…) at every single file!
How to check detail message(some error, warning) when nuxt:build progress?

This question is available on Nuxt.js community (#c6853)