Issue: 3192

Automatic handling, simplified handling or more explicit docs for handling ssr-issues with community components

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What problem does this feature solve?

Trying to use third party vue components in Nuxt can be a huge pain because many only work on the client side. Googling there are hundres of issues created about it either in nuxt or on the component repos.

Even if the component can be made ssr-safe by only rendering it in the browser this still means a performance loss since the user will then need to wait for the component and all subcomponents or other markup to render.

What does the proposed changes look like?

In order of ease for the developer:

  1. Find some way to automatically handle non-ssr-safe components. Can they be autodetected? Are there ways of making them work on the server side so they can still be rendered on the server?

  2. Is there some way of making it easier for developer to handle ssr issues with community components? The vue-no-ssr component doesn’t always solve it, nor do the sparse instuctions in the docs: https://nuxtjs.org/faq/window-document-undefined/

  3. Improve the docs so the developer can easily grasp what the problem or problems are and how they can be solved or mitigated.

This feature request is available on Nuxt.js community (#c6848)