Issue: 3176

Can't get individual cookies of client. Cookies are setted globally

[issue link]

I handled authentication with cookies in Nuxt, the code is as bellow:

 nuxtServerInit ({ commit, state }, { req }) {


    if (req.headers.cookie) {
      let cookieParsed = cookieparser.parse(req.headers.cookie)

      // console.log(cookieParsed)
      if (cookieParsed.token !== undefined && cookieParsed.userId !== undefined) {
        // console.log('parsed.token', cookieParsed)
        let token = null
        token = cookieParsed.token
        state.userId = cookieParsed.userId
        commit('auth/setToken', token)

But, while I test and I login I could access succesfully to my account. But if I try in another Pc or in a new incognito window in Chrome I could access to the same account that I did before. How is it possible? It seems cookies are stored globally. But in the code I get cookies from req (the client request). Please let me know what I missed out.

This question is available on Nuxt.js community (#c6825)