Issue: 3130

no data returned on page resfresh

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I get the expected data every time I load a page for the first time, but when i refresh my pages the store doesnt get data from the middleware please help:
this is my middleware, it gets a persons information and commits data to the AddViewedPerson state, but for some reason i get empty results when I do a page refresh

export default function({params,store}){

return  axios.get(`/api/getAddresses/${params.view}`)
	          .then((response) => {
	           store.commit('addAddresses', response.data)
				    return axios.get(`/api/getTelephones/${params.view}`)
					    .then((response) => {
					       store.commit('addTelephones', response.data)

					        return axios.get(`/api/personInformation/${params.view}`)
					           .then((response) => {
					            store.commit('AddViewedPerson', response.data)

					            return axios.get(`/api/personCountry/${params.view}`)
						          .then((response) => {
						           store.commit('addCountry', response.data)


in my main page I have something like this:
v-for=“personal in $store.state.viewedPerson”

This question is available on Nuxt.js community (#c2711)