Issue: 3114

Persisted state from VueX and NuxtJS

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I use vuex-persistedstate package (https://github.com/robinvdvleuten/vuex-persistedstate) to persist data state on browser.

I use Adonuxt (a mix between NuxtJS and AdonisJS).

In VueX actions, I have this action:

nuxtClientInit ({commit}) {
      // I want get here state auth saved by persistedstate package

This action is called by plugin:


export default async (context) => {
  await context.store.dispatch('nuxtClientInit', context)

nuxt.js (config)

      src: '~/plugins/localstorage.js',
      ssr: false

I want get state to configure Axios with the user token:

this.$axios.setToken(auth.jwt.token, 'Bearer')

I have the impression nuxtClientInit() is called before persistedstate package, so state.auth is null but it can observable in console:


This question is available on Nuxt.js community (#c2694)