Issue: 3072

Loading indicator also visible in ssr

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Minor but crazy but here πŸ˜„
I make this conditional mode rendering:

  serverMiddleware: [{
    handler(req, res, next) {
      let isBot = crawlersRegex.test(req.headers['user-agent'])
      res.spa = !isBot

Sometimes (maybe when server is slow) the loading indicator will also be visible when there is a bot user agent. In practice google crawls my page and only the loading indicator is visible.

If I always have res.spa = false the bug will not appear. It appears only then the spa can change.
Potentially some caching in the nuxt cure from the last request?


Chome with GoogleBot user agent.
Open the element inspector.
Hit refresh (repeat only after a full page load, repeat until the issue appears).
Sometimes the loading indicator will be visible for few millis even if all requests are made with a GoogleBot user agent (aka spa=false).


loadingIndicator: false

This question is available on Nuxt.js community (#c2659)