Issue: 3035

How to refresh the nuxt page? If the page is refreshed with location.reload (), the page looks like the beauty center rendering asyncData does not appear to be executed

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For example, I want to let the page refresh, but the page is blank, and the data must be refreshed by hand.

    asyncData ({ params, error }) {
      return axios.get('http://localhost:3333/api/newslist')
      .then((res) => {
        return { datas: res.data }
      }).catch (err => {
    methods: {
      deletFn(id) {
        axios.get('http://localhost:3333/api/newsdelet/' + id)
        .then((res) => {
          alert('The article is deleted successfully!')
        }).catch (err => {
            console.log('报错了啊', err)
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